Exquisite Blade
About Exquisite Blade
Having an extensive 25 year career in custom woodcarving and woodworking has lead me to apply my artistic skills to custom razor restorations. Here, as in my involvement with high end carvings, I can utilize my artistic eye to create memorable razors. From recreating the exact measurements of an early scale for a true restoration to designing something unique to suit your wildest dreams is possible in my studio.
See is Believing. Amazing Transformations. Treasured Family Heirlooms Restored to their former Glory. Custom Shaving Accessories, Stands & Brushes. Straight Razor See is Believing. Amazing Transformations Straight Razor Treasured Family Heirlooms Restored to their former Glory Straight Razor Custom Shaving Accessories, Stands & Brushes
To see details of the services I offer please read "Straight Razor Restorations Services".

To view examples of my custom work, restoration work, etc. please browser "Straight Razor Restorations Photo Galleries".
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