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Straight Razor Restorations Services
The services I can offer you are wide ranging. From simply honing a razor to a complete restoration most anything is possible.

If you are interested in consulting with me about any facet of razor work please feel free to Email Me.

If possible, and preferred, please send photographs of the razor in question.

I suggest this for the following reasons. I cannot charge you for a full restoration if your blade is only in need of polishing. Also, I cannot quote you for the same work if your blade is quite rusty and pitted.

Same for scale work. Do you want horn, bone, exotic woods, inlays, custom made acrylics to the color of your choice or some other material? The same holds true here as well. Pricing depends on the scale material of your choice and even within that the variations that are possible.

Or are you interested in preserving the scales currently on your razor?

With a photograph or two I can reasonably assess the condition of the blade and what it would take to work on it.

I do custom work regardless of the scope of the job and it is priced accordingly.

Even if you decide to send me a razor for work, nothing will be done until I can inspect the razor, give you my evaluation of what can realistically be expected  and I give you a firm quote on the work we agree on.

The most you can be out , should you change your mind, is a few dollars postage. That's it.

After that no payment is necessary until I complete the work pending your approval, send you photographs of the completed razor and I have your approval of the work that was done and to your satisfaction.

This seems to be the most equitable  and fair way for me to conduct my business.
Though I've already covered most of the bases here is a brief outline of the services I can provide.
  • Razor honing
  • Blade polishing and rust removal
  • Custom scales
  • Custom Brush making with the Knot of your choice. See photos above, top-right and click on image to open a Photo Gallery, then use the controls to browser through the gallery.
  • Custom razor stands
  • GD customization from basic shave ready to full blown custom. See photos above and click on image to open a Photo Gallery, then use the controls to browser through the gallery.
  • Most any idea you may have for a razor
  • Custom built razors from scratch (more coming soon ) but you can  see the ones I've built for myself on this site
Basically, if you can  dream it ( and even if you can't) I can build it.
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